APC PowerPack M10

Power Pack M10

A bigger charge to keep you powered for longer


M10 Models

    • Black
    • M10BK-EC
    • Length: 14.65 cm
    • Width: 8.89 cm
    • Depth: 1.35 cm
    • White
    • M10WH-EC
    • Length: 14.65 cm
    • Width: 8.89 cm
    • Depth: 1.35 cm

Benefits of the Power Pack M10

  • Lithium-polymer battery and durable acrylic casing allows the Mobile Power Pack to be smaller and lightweight

  • 4-LED battery level indicator plus flash warning allows the user to accurately determine the charge level and plan ahead

  • 5V/1.5A input allows the Power Pack to be charged quicker than other products on the market (using 5V/1A inputs)

  • 8 hour charging time for the MPP10

  • Dual USB with 5V/1A and 5V/2.4A outputs meet Apple MFI settings and allows for quicker charging of tablets than other products that use 5V/2.1A outputs

  • Our Mobile Power Pack has passed UL 38.3 global standard for air shipment and is safe to carry on airplanes as hand luggage

  • 8 Protection Circuit Modules and 24-month warranty

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